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Do you have any idea what the strongest substance in your body is? It’s not your bones…if you guessed tooth enamel, you are absolutely right! This mineralized shell is tough, but it is also still vulnerable to harm. This is why we urge you to practice excellent oral hygiene, including routine dental cleanings, to keep tooth decay at bay.

So how does tooth decay affect your teeth? Your enamel is a thin, translucent layer covering the dentin, which protects the tooth pulp underneath. This pulp houses a network of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues. When the pulp is infected, a root canal can save the tooth.

Our dentist, Drs. Taylor Robinson, Reed Robinson,  and Owen Wolfgramm may recommend a root canal for an infected tooth which has the following issues:

— Deep decay in the tooth.

— If a tooth has deteriorated after repeated dental procedures.

— Severe cracking, chipping, or root fracture allowing bacteria to set in.

Since an infected tooth may cause a persistent toothache, swelling in the gums or in the face or neck as well as sensitivity to temperature extremes, you don’t want to ignore it. Eventually, the untreated tooth pulp can die, supportive bone may be lost, and you can end up losing the tooth. Having root canal therapy can not only relieve you of tooth pain but it can save your tooth.

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