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Do you have a retainer in Provo, Utah? Whether it’s a metal retainer or a plastic retainer, it’s important to keep in clean and in good working order so it can keep your teeth in pristine condition in turn. Here are two helpful tips on how to do that:

-Keep your retainer safe and in the same place when you take it out. Many people lose their appliances because they don’t have a designated place for them. Put it in a retainer case as soon as you take it out. Then keep it consistently and safely in your bathroom drawer or purse or wherever makes the most sense to you.

-Clean your appliance regularly. It helps to clean your retainer whenever you brush your teeth. You can rinse and brush the retainer just like you brush your teeth. To deep clean it, soak it in denture cleaner or in water for the amount of time that is recommended. Then rinse the retainer and put it back in your mouth.

Do you have questions or would you like to know more about how to properly care for your retainer? Please know that you can always call our office at 801-373-2060. We also recommend that you to book an appointment with Dr. Taylor Robinson if you have any troubles and concerns for your appliance. We are happy to help you!