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As the Halloween season sets its sights on our doorstep, it is crucial to make sure you start preparing a plan to protect your smile from all the hazards that can arise. Listed below are a few tips to consider to enhance your Halloween treatment planning:


– Visit your dentist for oral health care exams and professional cleanings.
– Reward any children or loved ones with toys, money, or other incentives in exchange for their candy.
– Implement effective oral health care routines including brushing and flossing daily as well as cleaning your mouth after eating.
– You can still enjoy the Halloween treats this year, but stay away from excessively hazardous products that can chip or crack your teeth, won’t dissolve easily, or are extremely high in sugars or acids.
– Avoid unhealthy sweets and treats that can easily damage your smile.
– Get rid of any extra candy after Halloween to ensure you don’t continue to snack on sweets for weeks on end.
– Establish candy plan on what should be done with all candy and candy limits each day.

From all of our team at Robinson Wolfgramm Dental, we wish you all a safe and happy Halloween! If you would like to book an appointment with Dr. Taylor Robinson, please call us at 801-373-2060, or stop by our office in Provo, Utah.