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If you would like to enhance your smile this holiday season with a highly effective tooth restoration, consider a cosmetic dentistry procedure to give you the smile you desire. With cosmetic dentistry, numerous treatments are available to upgrade, enhance, or completely remake your smile.

If you were looking to enhance your smile by capping or concealing a portion of a tooth, dental crowns, dental bonding treatments, and dental veneers are all highly effective. Dental bonding treatments focus on surface abnormalities, whereas dental veneers concealed the entire fronts of teeth. Dental crowns are designed to completely cap and conceal a tooth on all sides. If you were only looking to eradicate deep stains and discolorations, teeth whitening treatments can be used.

For cosmetic treatments to upgrade your smile by filling in missing or lost teeth, consider dentures, dental implants, or dental bridges. Dentures are one of the most common options, as they can be removed as needed. For a permanent replacement, consider dental implants or dental bridges. If your jaw strong enough, dental implants can be directly attached to it. Dental bridges are designed to link to nearby teeth without requiring a bond to your jaw.

We are here to help rebuild and repair your smile. To schedule a cosmetic dentistry procedure at Robinson Wolfgramm Dental with Dr. Taylor Robinson and our team at our dentist office in Provo, Utah, you can give us a call at 801-373-2060.