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Do remember your excitement when you lost your first tooth, knowing that the Tooth Fairy would come that night? Did you try to sneak a look at the fairy when you were a child? Maybe now you have come full-circle and are the one trying to sneak around without being caught to bring some of that magic to the lives of the children in your life. This can be a fun stage in your life when your creativity can run wild to bring the fairy and magic alive.

One way that this can happen is if the fairy leaves a letter, along with the token of payment under the pillow for your child. The letter might talk about the tooth’s quality, congratulate your child on reaching this milestone in their life or offer words of encouragement and advice for their dental hygiene.

You can get creative with decorating the letter by using free printable borders and clip art. Or you could also use glitter and let some be loose that will fall like “fairy dust” when the letter is opened. Can you imagine your child’s joy as they find their reward and a personalized letter under the pillow in the morning? You could suggest that your child should write back to the fairy, or to keep a “tooth fairy journal” where he or she can tell the fairy about their day and anything that has happened their teeth since the fairy visited last. Doing this can help you have a conversation with your child about why dental hygiene is important to their health.

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