A Tooth With a Compromised Dental Filling May Need a Dental Crown Restoration

Tooth enamel erosion and poor oral hygiene habits can sometime weaken the once strong bond holding a dental filling in place. In time a tooth in this condition might become increasingly sensitive. Sometimes a failing dental filling might also cause a notice a change in the texture or color of the affected tooth. If you… Read more »

A Message From the Tooth Fairy

Do remember your excitement when you lost your first tooth, knowing that the Tooth Fairy would come that night? Did you try to sneak a look at the fairy when you were a child? Maybe now you have come full-circle and are the one trying to sneak around without being caught to bring some of… Read more »

Recognizing Dental Filling Failure

You may need to receive a dental filling to repair a tooth after a small or moderate cavity has developed. While dental fillings are hardened and cemented with a dental adhesive to be very long lasting, they can become weakened and start to fail over the years as the bacteria in your mouth affects the… Read more »

How Can I Have a Healthy Easter Smile?

Easter is quickly approaching and so are dental issues if you’re not careful. This is because many Easter-related things can damage your teeth and gums. Our dentists strongly encourage you to keep your smile in mind this Easter and do everything you can to keep it in tip-top shape. To help you have a healthy Easter smile… Read more »

Tooth Sensitivity Can Be Linked to Different Factors

Many people struggling with tooth sensitivity will turn to a specially formulated toothpaste with added potassium nitrate. However, this could mask symptoms of a more serious oral health problem. If you have recently been dealing with tooth sensitivity, you should consider scheduling an appointment with our dentist, Dr. . Diagnosing the underlying source could help… Read more »

Reverse Poor Oral Hygiene with Chewing Gum

Did you know that chewing sugarless gum after meals has been proven to have benefits for improving your smile? This is because chewing gum is capable of producing additional saliva in your mouth. Chewing gum is a known product for washing way debris and improving your oral health.  Beneficial ingredients and benefits from chewing gum… Read more »

Discover Your Hidden Smile with Dental Bridges

A smile that has any gaps or holes is susceptible to additional oral irregularities and abnormalities. Even a simple issue arising from one lost tooth is enough to destabilize your gums and lead to slippage in your facial features. In order to ensure the rest of your teeth have the greatest chance for oral health… Read more »

Enjoy Your Smile Thanks to Dental Bonding Treatments

  Have you ever heard of dental bonding? Dental bonding is an often relatively unknown treatment, but it is a highly effective tooth restoration procedure designed to repair teeth by fixing surface damage. If you are looking for restorations to any teeth and wish to conceal only the damage itself and not the tooth, you… Read more »

CEREC®: Providing Your Dental Crown Within One Appointment

Dental crowns are strong and reliable dental restorations that can restore the full health and function of a tooth. The only downside to dental crowns is that they take some time to create, especially because they are made at a dental lab. Fortunately, our , Dr. , doesn’t have to worry about that problem because… Read more »

The Evolution of Wisdom Teeth

What are you familiar with concerning the history of wisdom teeth? Have they ever had a purpose? When did we first start evolving them? Find out the answers to these questions and more by reading this post we’ve put together about the history of wisdom teeth. If you have any additional questions about wisdom teeth,… Read more »