The Strengths of Dental Fillings

The strengths of dental fillings cannot be overstated. Without dental fillings, cavities could run amok in your mouth and potentially lead to permanent tooth loss. Here are a few tips about dental fillings to ensure you find the right one to strengthen your smile for many years to come: – If a dental amalgam is… Read more »

Enhance and Upgrade Your Oral Health with CEREC®

Enhance and upgrade your oral health with CEREC®. If you are looking to upgrade your oral health by covering and concealing your damaged teeth without the need to have them extracted and replaced, CEREC dental crowns can work to improve the function of your smile and its overall aesthetics. Listed below are some frequently asked… Read more »

Simple Aftercare Measures Help Prevent Complications After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Most adolescents have four wisdom teeth residing deep in the gum tissues at the back of the mouth. These vestigial third molars are typically of no use in the modern human mouth. Indeed, most people lack the sufficient space to allow the teeth to fully emerge, without complications. Even if one or two do manage… Read more »

Can Lasers Help Improve Your Oral Health?

As of the early 1990s, lasers have been successfully implemented and deployed in a variety of dental services. Not only are lasers highly effective at producing extremely precise behaviors, they are widely effective in a broad array of dental procedures to ensure maximum success for your smile. Can lasers help improve your oral health?  Listed… Read more »

Are Oral Emergencies Likely?

Have you ever had an oral emergency? Do you know what to do in the event of an oral emergency or accident? Do you have safety supplies handy just in case? Although most oral emergencies are rare, speedy treatment can make a huge difference in the likelihood of success and your recovery time. One of… Read more »

A Dental Checkup Includes an Important Screening for Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer

It might be surprising to hear that oral and pharyngeal cancer are more prevalent in the American population than some might think. Statistical research published by the American Dental Association found that each year one in 92 adults are diagnosed with some form of oral or pharyngeal cancer. While the average age of detection is… Read more »

The Facts About Root Canal Therapy

What do you know about root canal therapy? Would you be surprised to learn that simple issues like trauma or tooth decay could make root canal therapy a necessity? Similarly, did you know that your tooth won’t heal from a damaged root canal on your own? In other words, if you don’t have root canal… Read more »

What You Should Know About Pregnancy and Your Teeth

As you know, expecting mothers have a lot to worry about. You also know that their bodies are changing to get ready for their new arrival. However, did you know that your mouth will also be affected by these changes? For example, did you know that pregnant women should expect increased progesterone levels, which could… Read more »

Saving Your Smile with a Root Canal Treatment

Do you have any idea what the strongest substance in your body is? It’s not your bones…if you guessed tooth enamel, you are absolutely right! This mineralized shell is tough, but it is also still vulnerable to harm. This is why we urge you to practice excellent oral hygiene, including routine dental cleanings, to keep… Read more »

Your Teeth Are More Important Than What Others Think of You

Your teeth are more important that what others think of you. Especially if you are a teen, you may be tempted to do things that could put your oral health at risk. To protect yourself, you do not have to hide in a bubble hidden from the dangers of the world, but rather build a… Read more »