Saving Your Smile with a Root Canal Treatment

Do you have any idea what the strongest substance in your body is? It’s not your bones…if you guessed tooth enamel, you are absolutely right! This mineralized shell is tough, but it is also still vulnerable to harm. This is why we urge you to practice excellent oral hygiene, including... Read more »

Your Teeth Are More Important Than What Others Think of You

Your teeth are more important that what others think of you. Especially if you are a teen, you may be tempted to do things that could put your oral health at risk. To protect yourself, you do not have to hide in a bubble hidden from the dangers of the... Read more »

Why Are Dental Lasers Used in Dentistry?

Dental lasers are small, hand-held tools that produce energy in the form of a light and they can be found at many dental offices around the world today, including at Robinson Wolfgramm Dental. Dental lasers are extremely beneficial. In fact, they can help reduce the pain patients experience during treatment,... Read more »

Take out Cavities with Professional Dental Fillings

The secret to a healthy and happy smile relies not only in excellent oral health care but also regular visits to your dentist at Robinson Wolfgramm Dental for professional cleanings and oral exams. Sometimes a cavity or two may have snuck into your mouth and could be eating away at... Read more »

The Facts About Brushing Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth is extremely important for the health of your gums, teeth, and even plays a role in the health of your whole body. While the practice is now quite common, would you be surprised to learn that there are a few things many of us could do better... Read more »

Dentures Can Fill in Missing Teeth and Bring Back Missing Smiles

Do you have missing teeth and find it harder to smile because of gaps in your mouth? Sometimes, even the absence of teeth is enough for low self-esteem to set in. Luckily, our dentists at Robinson Wolfgramm Dental are highly trained to craft for you a pair of dentures that... Read more »

First-Aid Information to Help Take Care of a Knocked-Out Tooth

Having a tooth knocked out of the socket is always a traumatic experience. In some rare instances, the tooth might be salvageable and your dentist, Dr. Taylor Robinson, could potentially implant it back into the socket. However, in most cases the damage to the tooth and socket is often so... Read more »

Why You Should Be Aware of Your Saliva Production for a Healthy Smile

Saliva plays such an important role in a healthy mouth, but not everyone realizes this. Typically it is the teeth and gums that are the stars of the show when it comes to a healthy, attractive smile. But without saliva, your teeth and gums would be subject to infection and... Read more »

Even a Highly Effective Oral Hygiene Routine Might Not Prevent Tooth Decay

While it’s unfortunate, even a consistent and highly effective daily oral hygiene routine might not be enough to prevent a cavity from forming on one of your teeth. When this happens, it’s important to have the tooth examined and professionally treated to keep the cavity from spreading and causing even... Read more »

The Treatment Steps Involved in Dental Bridge Placement

Today, our Robinson Wolfgramm Dental dental team would like to talk to you about the treatment steps involved in dental bridge placement. Dental bridges in Provo, Utah, are strong, reliable, and beautiful dental restorations that provide long-term results without the need for surgery. They are great if you want a... Read more »